10 GK Questions with Answers | Top 10 GK questions

 Hello friends today we are going to see top ten gk questions of general knowledge. these questions are asked in all exams and also many people are searching on google top ten gk questions, ten gk questions, important gk questions

if these types of searches are done on google. Today we are going to see top 10 GK questions. Share these questions with your friends

Top 10 GK questions 

Q. Which animal is known as the 'Ship of the Desert"?

Ans. Camel

Q. How many days are there in a week?

Ans. 7 days

Q. Which festival is known as the Festival of Light?

Ans. Diwali

Top 10 GK questions 

Q. Name the longest river on the Earth.

Ans. Nile

Q. How many years are there in one millennium?

Ans. 1,000 years

Q. Name the National bird of India.?

Ans. The Peacock

Q. Name the National animal of India.?

Ans. Tiger

Top 10 GK questions 

Q. What is the National song of India?

Ans. Vande Mataram

Q. Name the densest jungle in the world.

Ans. The Amazon rainforest

Q. Which is the closest planet to Earth?

 Ans: Venus.

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